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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Aceasta stare imobila si repetitiva / This imobile and repetitive state

video "Aceasta stare imobila si repetitiva / This imobile and repetitive state"

Kids park installation from Evasive Diary 2014

installation view Kids Park, Evasive Diary 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


video from "Evasive Diary" project, 2014

RAM - Media Art Festival Arad

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photo credits Kozma Levente

Diary of discussion on education and other things - Conset Studio

Nita Mocanu
August 26 – September 14, 2014
“Diary of a discussion on education and other things”

The studio-exhibition of Nita Mocanu comprises five video works and a long-term project of visual poetry entitled Evasive Diary, all realized in the past two years. The personal show installed at Conset offers its resources as guiding points for the studio debate on the visual art education system in the Romanian public schools, with which usually every teacher has to deal on their own. This invitation to dialogue intends to bring together the experiences and analysis of a discipline highly undervalued by colleagues from other educational fields, a discipline that yields its own stakes to the repetitive, formal and abstract demands of visual language and creativity. The studio will host discussions with teachers, artists and other people interested in visual art education. Synthetized forms of these discussions will gradually complete the diagram installation in the studio-exhibition.
Nita Mocanu (b. 1977) combines a personal poetry and social engagement in her works. She was a member of D Media group focused on video activism. Currently she is teaching art in high school and she is initiator of and participant in several educational projects.

Videos presented in the installation:

The Development of Sensitivity

The Development of Creativity

* some of the text from the installation:
  • I would like to have other school manuals
  • The analysis of the visual language elements in works of art out of context
  • Contemporary art is a niche
  • He/she or is not paying attention or he/she wants to be the centre of attention
  • The limits of art, pay attention to cover the whole page
  • The performative part of teaching, what you are saying it has to be authentic
  • You really learn good taste at school
  • What happened in the last 150 years?
  • You get to know how to draw but you don't know what to draw
  • What you think I want to see, don't do
  • The computer is killing creativity, it lacks manuality
  • One is to see what's wrong and another is to build a curriculum in which knowledge itself is somewhat measurable
  • Creativity is hiding in mistakes
  • How does actually a work of art gets this stamp of being a masterpiece
  • Artistic decency
  • Art education is a mystery
  • Fine Art Education, a sort of learning art as craft
  • Visual education by writing, visual education without images, visual education without video projector
  • The elements of visual language are the norm
  • The kids are OK, the system is not
  • There are others here equally talented
  • I never wrote a lesson plan
  • You are sufficiently creative to create your own teaching methods
  • The stakes are not always to educate artists